June 13, 2024

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Despite the outrage after the bombing of the refugee camp, the new attacks on Rafah

Despite the outrage after the bombing of the refugee camp, the new attacks on Rafah

On Monday, May 27, it took almost twenty hours for the Israeli government to mourn the killing of Palestinian civilians in a tent village on the Gaza Strip, the day before, in a deadly bombardment. In a rare concession, facing a wave of anger abroad, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed regret before the Israeli parliament in the evening. “accident” or A “Tragic Mistake”, uses a Hebrew word that includes both of these translations, and refers to a false practice. Meanwhile, only the military prosecutor’s office expressed regret for these civilian deaths.

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For their part, journalists, who are staunch supporters of the prime minister, aligned with the Israeli far-right, welcomed the strikes and the fires they caused, and that evening celebrated the Jewish festival of fire, Lak B’Omer, in mourning.

The tragedy soon followed heightened tensions along Egypt’s border: on Monday, a shootout between Israeli and Egyptian soldiers took place near the Rafah border crossing, which has been closed since military control of the Palestinian enclave was adopted on May 6. . An Egyptian soldier was killed. Both governments have commented little on the event, trying to downplay its significance.

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According to the Gaza Ministry of Health, the attack on the tent camp killed 45 people and injured 249 others. Although the daily death toll has lost momentum since the spring, such a toll is not exceptional in this war. The army has continued to attack populated areas in the Rafah region since May 6, following a ground offensive to take control of the border between Gaza and Egypt. On Tuesday, these strikes continued in the center and west of the region.

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Army denies ‘safe zone’ attack

However, the horrifying images of the fire, including the headless body of a child carried by a crying man – world, Access to the enclave was barred, as was the entire international press, The authenticity could not be verified – and the melting plastic of displaced people’s tents has caused a shock, while Israel still says it is moving slowly and cautiously in Rafah.

In three weeks, the Jewish state carried out its largest forced population displacement of the war, following the depopulation of the northern part of the enclave by the end of 2023. The army evacuated 1 million people from Rafah, and most families have already been displaced repeatedly. Other temporary accommodation. In the process, it undermined the fragile international aid structure that had been based there for months, jeopardizing humanitarian supplies across the enclave.

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