June 21, 2024

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Direct-Corona virus: The effectiveness of Pfizer and Modern vaccines has dropped to 66% against the Delta type, according to a US study.

France faces 4th wave. Especially in the West Indies, the number of hospitalized patients continues to rise dramatically. Follow all the news related to Govt-19 here.

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The effectiveness of the Pfizer and Modern vaccines against the Govt-19 infection has dropped from 91% to 66%, according to data released Tuesday by U.S. health officials.

These data come from a survey of thousands of health center and hospital staff in six states to study the effectiveness of vaccines in real terms. Participants are tested weekly for both symptomatic and asymptomatic infections.

Almost all vaccinated health workers received sera from Pfizer or Moderna. Between December 2020 and April 2021, the effectiveness of vaccines in preventing the disease was 91%, according to data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the country’s leading public health agency. But in the weeks when the delta variant dominated, that is, when it was responsible for more than 50% of cases per sequence, the efficiency dropped to 66%.

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Pressure is mounting on French hospitals receiving more than 11,000 Covit-19 patients on Tuesday, including more than a thousand admitted in the last 24 hours, according to data released by the Public Health France.

With the arrival of 1,145 patients from Monday to Tuesday, the number of people admitted to the Kovid Patient Hospital rose to 11,066. Health Minister Olivier Varan said Monday that hospital admissions are expected to be “within a few days”.

There are 2,221 Govt patients in critical care services on Wednesday, including 214 new admissions in the last 24 hours.

Last Tuesday, in the same services, the most serious cases were treated, there were 1,943 patients. In 24 hours, 153 patients have died due to Govt, bringing the total to 113,788 since the outbreak began.

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According to a survey conducted by AFP at 2.30pm on GMT Tuesday from official sources, more than five billion Govt vaccines are being distributed worldwide. The vaccine has reached its travel speed because it reached its fifth billion in 26 days, becoming almost identical with the fourth and third billion (30 and 26 days, respectively).

The first billion dose was reached in about 140 days. With 1.96 billion injections, China still focuses on four of the ten doses administered globally. India (589 million) and the United States (363 million) complete the stage in full. But in countries with a population of more than one million, the United Arab Emirates has been declared the champion of the vaccine. They administered 179 doses per 100 citizens and 75% of the population was fully vaccinated.


The World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday condemned “shocking inequalities in access to vaccines” against Covit-19 at the start of a virtual annual meeting of health ministers from the African continent.

“Globally, 140 countries have been vaccinated with at least ten percent of their population, but only four countries on our continent have been able to achieve this goal, due to the staggering imbalances in access to vaccines,” said Tetros Adanom Caprais, WHO Director-General. According to him, “the vaccine crisis explains the fundamental weakness at the root of the epidemic: the lack of global unity and sharing – the sharing of information and data, biological models, resources, technology and tools”. In order to strengthen global unity, the WHO Director-General has called on African nations to support “international legislation or any other legal framework possible to enhance international cooperation” in response to the epidemic.

The agreement could be discussed at a special session of the World Health Assembly in November.


Greece announced on Tuesday the results of new control measures in recreational and workplaces and free testing for Covit-19 in an effort to prevent the “infection of those who are not vaccinated”. “From September 13 to March 31, 2022,” compulsory screening will be used for those who have not been vaccinated, “Greek Health Minister Vasilis Kigilias was quoted as saying in a statement following a news conference.

More specifically, entry into cafes, bars, restaurants or sports clubs will only be allowed for those who have been vaccinated or have not been vaccinated for the past six months to be issued a Covit-19 infection certificate.

In the case of theaters, theaters or museums, the gateway will be accessible to those who have not been vaccinated, provided the negative rapid test result (antigen) carried out during the last 48 hours.

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Interior Minister Gerald Durman on Tuesday warned police officers contacting the public that they would be vaccinated against Govt-19 if the vaccination rate did not reach 90%.

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HAS (Haute Autorité de Santé) recommends the 3rd dose for people over 65 and weak.

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The number of daily deaths associated with Govt-19 in French Polynesia has further increased to 54 deaths between Friday and Sunday, the Foreign Cooperative Health Department reported.

Three hundred and eleven Polynesians have died from Covit-19 since the outbreak began, with more than half of them in the last three weeks due to the rapid spread of the delta variant in the poorly vaccinated population. Co-morbidities such as diabetes and obesity are also very common. The Department of Health has found that 7,591 Polynesians out of a population of 280,000 are currently in favor of Govt-19. A small number of cases, as most asymptomatic individuals have not been tested.

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In Guadeloupe, where the epidemic is currently spreading, the vaccine has been expedited, reaching more than 500 daily injections over several days, according to the Department of Fire and Rescue Service (SDIS).

At Guadeloupe Airport, where the island’s main Govt – 19 vaccination center is located, “there has been permanent wealth for two weeks,” Tony Gerban, chief medical officer, told Guadeloupe’s STIS on Monday. “The vaccination rate has been increasing for a month, but for several days we have exceeded 500 vaccinations a day at this site,” he said. “We went up to 700 people.” On Monday, Guadeloupe surpassed 100,000 first-time vaccines, completing an additional 20% of the Guadeloupe vaccination schedule.

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The United States has given full recognition to Pfizer / Bioentech, the first vaccine against Govt-19. In a country where delta variability is rampant, it may help to alleviate some hesitation, but prompts more companies to be vaccinated.

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