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Direct – War in Ukraine: Severodonetsk is largely controlled by the Russians


Russians “consolidate their positions” in the center of Severodonetsk

Russian forces “coordinate their positions” in the center of the strategic city of Chevrodonetsk in eastern Ukraine. Regional Governor Serguiï Gaïdaï said Wednesday morning. Russian forces have been carrying out attacks in the north, south and east.

In Ukraine, historic buildings are stored in 3D before possible destruction

Bombs and missiles rained down on Ukrainian cities since the war began, killing many but damaging historic buildings. So cultural services seek to protect their memory with sophisticated technology and 3D scans.

“It allows the physical condition of the building to be adjusted in history. It can be used to see what has been moved for safety. To help see what can be restored or not, but also for museums and historical features, reports AFP Emmanuel. We have an actual view of the damage and an exact copy of what the building is. “

“Damage registration will also be used in criminal investigations. Across the country, we see serious damage to our heritage. This is the genocide of the Ukrainian people and the genocide of Ukrainian culture,” explains Katrina Kublitska, a member of the commission responsible. To identify damaged historical sites, citing “war crimes”.

Ukraine: People living near the border are scared by the attack of Belarus

“Yes, we are worried, I’m not afraid of myself but I’m afraid of my family,” said Nikolai, a BFMTV resident living in Baghdad on the Belarusian border. “There are rumors that they are already on the border and that Belarusian tanks and artillery are ready to attack.” We have great fear, “Nadia said.

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Roads were blocked by tree trunks on the Ukrainian side, to slow down or prevent a possible attack. Without further ado, a city official assured that the municipality was ready for a possible attack.

Ukraine says nearly 31,000 Russian soldiers have been killed

In a new report (updated daily), on June 1, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry writes that 30,700 Russian soldiers were killed in the conflict. However, it did not give the number of people killed on the Ukrainian side.

It also lists destroyed Russian war engines, including 1,361 tanks and 2,290 vans.

Denmark will vote to enter EU defense after 30 years

Denmark will vote by referendum this Wednesday on its entry into the EU’s security policy, turning the page on three decades of exceptions. With a turnout of more than 65% in the last ballot released on Sunday, the yes was the most preferred of the 4.3 million voters invited to vote.

But the last time a referendum in Europe in 2015 was “nej” (no) is due to the high turnout expected in one country.

“I wholeheartedly hope to vote yes. When we have to fight for Europe’s security, we must be more united with our neighbors,” Prime Minister Med Frederickson said in a final debate campaign television program on Sunday. Evening.

The new leader of the European right supports Ukraine’s EU membership

German MEP Manfred Weber said on Tuesday that priority would be given to EU membership in war-torn Ukraine, where he was elected leader of the pro-European right-wing pro-European People’s Party.

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The only candidate after former EU Council President Donald Dusk, he faces the difficult task of regaining the EPP’s influence after crushing defeats in France and Germany.

In a speech after being elected to Congress in Rotterdam, southwestern the Netherlands, Manfred Weber said, “The first message we have to say at this time is … yes, you can join the EU.

Russian forces control much of the city of Chevrodonetsk

As Russian forces advanced into eastern Ukraine on Tuesday, they captured most of the strategic city of Sverdlovsk, and accused the Ukrainian president of “insanity” over the bombing of a chemical plant.

Diplomatically, Kiev won the war with the European treaty on a gradual embargo on Russian oil.

In a statement, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky said, “The Russian military’s attacks on this city are simply insane, because of the large-scale chemical production in Severodonetsk.” Video tonight.

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Washington is still increasing its military assistance to Ukraine

The United States on Tuesday announced that it would provide Ukraine with advanced systems of emergency and mobile rocket launchers, but against the guarantee that they would not be used to attack the Russian border.

Washington will provide the Ukrainians with more advanced missile systems and ammunition that will allow them to more accurately attack key targets on the battlefield in Ukraine, writes Joe Biden in his contribution. New York TimesBroadcast Tuesday by the newspaper.

A senior White House official told reporters that this was the Himars (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System), which means that many rocket launchers are fitted with lightweight armor.

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