June 13, 2024

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Dmitry Medvedev assures that the “special operation” aims to “avoid World War III”.

Dmitry Medvedev assures that the “special operation” aims to “avoid World War III”.

Asked by the news channel, the former president of the Russian Federation defended Vladimir Putin’s policy tooth and nail.

Once again, former President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has made himself Vladimir Putin’s most enthusiastic spokesman. Dmitry Medvedev, previously known for his liberal stances, became a true Kremlin hawk, “”Special function» Started Six months ago In Ukraine.

When asked by LCI video conference on Friday, the Russian official assured that his country is doing “All possible to avoid World War III“. In what way? By preventing Ukraine from joining NATO.”The special operation aims to protect Russia’s vital interests, which are already threatened“, he continued, accusing the West of refusing dialogue with Russia.

Faced with the deadly toll of the Russian invasion after six months of war, Dmitry Medvedev denied any responsibility. “I am serving my country. I don’t care about fines. I am sure that President Putin shares the same position, we are Russian citizens.Darius Rosebin questions whether dictators like Saddam Hussein, Slobodan Milosevic or Muammar Gaddafi systematically lost against Western democracies.questionable“. According to him, “Liberal democracy is not the end point of human development“. and add:Every country goes its own way. So Russia will have all the capabilities to defend itself.»

Dmitry Medvedev did not stop there. He accuses Westerners of playing gamesActive part in the war“Especially by supplying weapons and training the Ukrainian military to use them.”They are waging a proxy war“He beat without swearing”Never refused to supply gas to Europe“. As Europe prepares to face gas cuts linked to sanctions against Russia, the former president accused him of “Blindly follows US policy“.

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what The resolution of this conflict Who gets stuck? Are negotiations still possible? “Volodymyr Zelensky is the interlocutor of Russia, he represents Ukraine, but we cannot trust him because he has no experience, and he depends on the decisions of other countries.“Medvedev replies. As for Emmanuel Macron,He maintains a respectful relationship with Vladimir Putin“, notes Dmitry Medvedev, who believes that France is notUnlike other European powers, America was a slave“.