May 25, 2024

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Doctor Who would do better without that extremely excessive enemy in S14

Doctor Who would do better without that extremely excessive enemy in S14

Sometimes it’s best to let it go.

There aren’t a lot of comebacks that won’t get Doctor Who excited at this point. With Russell T. Davies bringing back the era of NuWho that many current viewers grew up with, every other name that appears in the news about the show automatically makes the experience more interesting.

David Tennant, known as the Tenth incarnation of the Doctor, returns for the three specials as the Fourteenth, as does his companion Donna Noble, portrayed by Catherine Tate.

While their journey won’t take long, it will certainly revive Doctor Who audience interest and set the stage for the arrival of another Doctor, Ncuti Gatwa.

On the other hand, with the fanbase’s overwhelmingly positive reaction to everything RTD brings to the table for Series 14, it’s easy to get carried away and weaken the plot by adding too many callbacks, easter eggs, and references.

Some fans feel that the mod actually walks a very fine line between playing with nostalgia and desperately trying to bring back a time that went many years ago.

The last thing anyone wants is to see the Fifteenth Doctor overshadowed by his past, no matter how much fun it was. This applies not only to friends and comrades, but also to enemies.

Perhaps the Doctor’s most famous enemies are the Daleks, aliens who want every other living thing in the universe dead.

Although they had their great moments during the Classic Who era and the first series of the reboot, between Series 5 and 6 they seemed to lose their magic and never regain it.

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In the end, the Daleks are neither truly funny nor scary in any of the episodes that followed, leaving fans more disappointed than excited. So when the BBC teased the return of another familiar foe at the end of Series 14, fans were hoping to see nothing but the Daleks.

Since audiences are so used to epic finales, no one wants to risk blowing it over something superfluous.

Whether or not the Daleks return, we’ll have to wait and see. Doctor Who will return in November with three special 60th anniversary episodes, then series 14 will begin airing this holiday season. Stay tuned for more updates!