June 24, 2024

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Documenta was a complete sensation.  Then the buzz scandal killed.

Documenta was a complete sensation. Then the buzz scandal killed.

At the earliest Clearly anti-Semitic image With additional incendiary connotations—a figure with a large nose, pointed teeth and side locks, adorned with an ‘SS’ hat—was spotted in a massive plaque set up in Castle Square, the integration of Documenta itself, operating on public funds, came into question.

The accident could have been infuriatingly avoided. The mural-like banner by the Indonesian group Taring Padi dates back to 2002; It depicts Indonesian political life as a grand battle between oppressors, capitalists and polluters against the people, with ancestors watching. It was only shown at Friedrichsplatz, the center of the show, at the end of the preview, that Taring Padi charmed visitors with hundreds of cardboard dolls in the same square and around town.

Months before the Documenta, critics launched preconceived accusations, notably that the participants supported the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, which German parliament declared anti-Semitism. Prior to the show, the Funding Question, a group of Palestinian artists, was targeted by vandals who broke into the exhibition space and painted it graphic.

In this combustible climate, some vigilance might have been expected. But who? The sign, appearing belatedly apparently due to its restoration, eluded the control of Ruangrupa, whose members were, in apologythey said they failed to identify offensive elements. Sabine Schuermann, General Manager Documenta, for Der Spiegel magazine. that administrators did not examine any art in advance out of respect for artistic freedom.

work was Removal. But as for the founding of Germany, this document is clearly over. A barrage of criticism from politicians and the media considered the entire exhibition a national embarrassment. He called for more state control over future releases And the Schuurmann’s resignation. The management has now announced that despite technical freedom, Ruangrupa . must Review the entire offer For offensive content with the support of the Anne Frank Center in Frankfurt – Organize a fight with artists.

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