Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Dontellier gives Germany and Spain as an example to defend the NFP level


Asked about the New Popular Front’s key move to raise the minimum wage to 1,600 euros, Marine Dondelier cited the example of Germany and Spain.

On BFMTV this Wednesday July 3, Marine Dondelier, representing the New Popular Front, was questioned about the revaluation of the minimum wage to 1,600 euros, a key measure of the left-wing coalition. A 14% increase would lead to a net job loss of 29,000 after a year, according to economist Eric Heyer.

Taking neighboring economies, Marine Tondelier notes that the minimum wage has increased by 22% in Germany and 54% in Spain. In 2022, Germany’s minimum wage will rise to 12 euros from 10.45 euros during the Olaf Scholes-led coalition.

“Countries like Germany can increase it by 22% and there is no economic drama,” recalls Marine Dondelier.

“A stimulus effect” is a one-time increase

Regarding the terms of the increase desired by left-wing forces, the ecologists’ boss defended a single increase to “create a recovery effect”.

Confronted with the question of the poverty of the people on the minimum wage, Marine Dondelier again justified the suppression of prices, especially the necessity of low wages. He had defended the move moments earlier, speaking of “price control”, “in the face of businessmen who are really lining their pockets”.

Highly educated people

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