June 20, 2024

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Drama in Berlin: John Baroman, actor of Desperate Housewives, on scene

Drama in Berlin: John Baroman, actor of Desperate Housewives, on scene

“It’s serious, it’s very bad,” the actor said in a Twitter video.

This Wednesday June 8A person in a car collided with a crowd in the center of a store, in front of a store window Berlin. A Thirty People will be injured and a Women To Lost his life Right there.

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John Baroman, Dr. Hoo, a British actor who appeared in Arrow and Shark Attack, was on the scene at the time. Testified by Videos Posted on TwitterDescribes the situation Almost directly.

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The experience of the actor

“I was in a shop when I heard the noise of the accident. Went outside and looked AssassinationExplains in the video John Baroman. He says he hid behind a tree to avoid another Attack.

The British actor was inspired by the equipment used: “Police presence is unbelievable”, There are hundreds of ambulances“.

He added, “It’s serious, That’s too bad“.

A confusing uncertainty

John Baroman, in his comments, is relatively confused and describesLack of understanding Witnesses and victims. He said this on social media: “We believe we were witnesses Terrorist attackBut nothing is certain.

After staying behind a tree for a while to protect himself from further attack, the actor wanted to return to his hotel. Safe.