June 25, 2024

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Dude spends $6000 on Diablo Immortal, and doesn't get Epic Gems

Dude spends $6000 on Diablo Immortal, and doesn’t get Epic Gems

while there Some who can get away Immortal Diablo experience of its economyThere are many – myself included – who can’t. And sure, we can just accident About how ridiculous this economy is, but the funniest and most effective way is for someone to actually start pumping some serious money into the game and see what happens.

This person is not meAnd the But Twitch streamer Quin69. he is He was pumping money into the game, $25 at a timeAnd the To see what he can get for his expenses, at the time of dispatch, spend just over NZ$10,300 (or about 6,600 USD).

So he got… well, I’ll let him explain (just watch the first 14 seconds):

You might think that after a while you will finally get some best game equipment, a 5-star legendary gem, because that’s how the law of averages works, right? Wrong – wrong – wronged! As Quin69 clearly demonstrated Here, the law of averages is inherently harsh and unpredictable, which is why bookmakers have been taking advantage of it since the dawn of time, and why games like it. Immortal Diablo It is built on predatory economic models designed to exploit people’s most dangerous and vulnerable psychological impulses.

(Let’s note here that simply buy your way into these items It’s not the only way you can get itwhich is indeed the worst way, but then again, having it as an option at all is one of the reasons predatory game economies sucking!)

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Making things worse here is that, while Immortal Diablo he have “pity pullDesigned to ultimately deliver high-quality items to those who aren’t fortunate enough to spend a lot of money but never get one, even if the odds are very low, with Chances of getting a 5-star Epic Gem are about 1%.

This is a trick Follow Estimates that if someone wanted to buy their way to maximizing the entire game, it would cost $110,000, a number you usually associate with luxury cars and ResidenceNot a video game character.