May 25, 2024

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EA is splitting "EA Entertainment" and "EA Sports" in a massive corporate restructuring

EA is splitting “EA Entertainment” and “EA Sports” in a massive corporate restructuring

Image: Electronic Arts

Industry giant Electronic Arts today announced a massive restructuring that splits its studios into two main organizations – EA Entertainment and EA Sports.

As CEO Andrew Wilson explained, this “evolution” allows the company to give studio leaders more power, including “creative ownership and financial accountability to make faster, more insightful decisions” about development and other related areas.

EA Entertainment will be led by President Laura Miele, who will oversee several of EA’s major studios. Vince Zampella will run the studios responsible for Apex Legends, the Star Wars games, and battlefield IP, Samantha Ryan is responsible for the lifestyle and trending single franchises, and Jeff Karp heads up the mobile division.

The President of EA Sports is Cam Weber – responsible for managing the entire organization’s sports portfolio. Other appointments include Stuart Canfield as Chief Financial Officer and David Tenson as Chief Experience Officer – with a focus on developing and expanding EA Services.

EA Entertainment and EA Sports will report to the CEO, Corporate Chief Personnel and Legal Officer.

Andrew Wilson also stated that EA’s business “remains strong” and that the company is excited to bring “more amazing games and experiences” to more people around the world in the future.

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