June 20, 2024

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Easter ammunition for Russian troops

Easter ammunition for Russian troops

If the celebrations of Easter In France already more than a week had passed, and among the Orthodox, the feast took place on Sunday, April 16. In UkraineSoldiers posted some photos on social media to mark the occasion. Newsweek reveals: Ukrainian troops have decorated “Easter eggs,” except this year they aren’t festive.

With one or two strokes of the brush, the Military Ukrainians have painted explosives, including bombs, in their country’s colors of yellow and blue to look like Easter eggs.

Easter is only tomorrow, but our players are already preparing ‘holiday gifts’ for the invaders. No one can break the spirit of our Cossack ancestors.

Orthodox Church Ukraine was officially separated from Russia Still others doubt the links Between the two. Orthodox Christians are numerous in Ukraine Russiaand two nations, in War For more than a year, Easter was celebrated.

On Sunday, April 16, Vladimir Putin The patriarch went to the midnight service conducted by Cyril Publicly supports the invasion Ukraine by Russia. In a message broadcast on Russian television before the start of the service, the patriarch called for war in Ukraine“Serious events are unfolding in our historic Russian land». The statement is consistent with the Kremlin’s position, which denies that Ukraine is an independent state.

No Easter truce

At the same time, the group Wagner, a Russian paramilitary unit freed about 100 Ukrainian prisoners. Chief of Staff Volodymyr ZelenskyAndriy Yermak called the publication “The Great Easter Prisoner Exchange”.

The gesture prompted the Institute of War Studies in the US to recommend a ceasefire during the celebrations. A suggestion the Kremlin rejects: “It was not proposed by anyone”, Russian government spokesman Dmitry Peskov assures.

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Moscow had already proposed a ceasefire during the Orthodox Christmas celebrations last January, which was rejected by Q as fighting continued during the fighting. Thirty-six-hour ceasefire proposed.

The two warring leaders marked the Easter holiday as an important moment. Highlighting that, Zelensky addressed his country “The resurrection of the Lord, which signifies victory: the victory of goodness, truth, and life». For his part, Putin also emphasized the importance of these celebrations: “This wonderful Easter brings hope to all believers, inspires good thoughts and helps affirm ideals and values ​​in society.” Ukrainian soldiers would have celebrated it in their own way.