May 23, 2024

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Eastern Ukraine city mayor says Russian army attacks Avdiivka with “very large forces”

Eastern Ukraine city mayor says Russian army attacks Avdiivka with “very large forces”

Update situation on Wednesday, February 7, late evening

  • New obstruction in US Senate during vote on Ukraine, Israel and immigration

U.S. senators on Wednesday stumbled on a deal aimed at unlocking new funding for Ukraine and Israel and reforming America's immigration system. Under pressure from Donald Trump, Republicans finally voted against. Barring immigration reform, the Senate should immediately try its luck again on the same bill. At NATO headquarters, US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan was optimistic about continued US assistance. Ukraine expressed regret over the situation. “confusion”In America.

  • kyiv urges EU to “increase” supply of shells

Dmytro Kuleba, head of Ukrainian diplomacy, asked twenty-seven. “Sign long-term contracts with companies” Ukrainian security, “Restructuring Current Agreements to Supply Bombs to Ukraine” and D'“Increase imports of ammunition from third countries”.

  • The Ukrainian parliament passed the first reading of the draft law on military mobilization

Two hundred and forty-three elected officials voted in favor of the document (a minimum of 226 is required), according to several parliamentarians on social networks. To be adopted, the text must still be the subject of parliamentary debates, proposed amendments and a vote on second reading; This process can take weeks.

  • The Swedish Public Prosecutor's Office has closed the investigation into the Nord Stream gas pipeline sabotage

There is no investigation into the Nord Stream gas pipeline sabotage in September 2022, Swedish prosecutor Mats Lünqvist said on Wednesday. “Not within Swedish jurisdiction” Thus closed it. “There is no indication that Sweden or Swedish nationals were involved in this attack in international waters.”He adds.

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  • 5 killed in new attack on Ukraine

Russia launched forty-four missiles and twenty explosive drones against Ukraine that morning; Two-thirds of these “destroyed”, says the Ukrainian Armed Forces High Command. Kharkiv police said North Korean-made rockets were used in Wednesday's blast.

  • Explosion at site of Russian missile engine manufacturing plant

A powerful explosion occurred at the testing ground of the Vodkinsk military plant, located 12 kilometers from Izhevsk, the capital of the Udmurt Republic near the Urals. The factory is among those approved by the EU, UK and US to produce missiles and ammunition for the Iskander and Tochka-U systems used by Russia against Ukraine. The Ministry of Emergencies has mentioned “Planned Rocket Engine Tests”.