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Ecological dictatorship. Credit Mutuel Credit Card That Tracks Your Carbon “Costs”!


This is so cute! With the Aumax card, you will save the seas and the entire planet!


By purchasing many gadgets that you do not need, you will know how much you spend on “carbon”!

No one will tell you that one of the main problems we have to deal with is excessive and unnecessary consumption, and we are all plagued by “forced” purchases that are triggered not by demand, but by advertising and marketing. I have no problem raising awareness about my “carbon” consumption, buy less, start by buying less, all ads should be removed!

Imagine a world without advertising. Imagine a world without commercial appeal! I assure you that many products will no longer be sold because if not created by advertising, demand will greatly increase.

I leave the site to the Aumax site that explains the matter most beautifully:

“To inform you about environmental issues, Aumax pour moi, in partnership with Greenly, allows you to evaluate your carbon footprint when purchasing everyday items.

Why? The carbon footprint refers to the amount of carbon emitted by an individual, a process, or an organization through the consumption of energy and raw materials. A simple gesture like making a payment with your bank card will become a source of valuable information to better understand what is at risk in our purchases.

It actually involves the combined emission of three greenhouse gases. And one of the axes in the fight against climate change is to reduce our emissions.

Regardless of the size of your activity, Aumax wants me to take the responsibility of providing your new debit card with you for your purposes and the tools that will accompany you throughout your transition! ⁇

Rest assured, at this time no one is forcing you to monitor your purchases or increase your guilt or increase your environmental concerns because nothing is forcing you to take the Aumax card!

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I have no problem “agreeing” with our religious carbon RSE-GTI 16 valves with their green cover.

What catches my attention here is the proliferation of tools that allow us to trace our unique carbon footprint, inevitably by our “friendly” ecologists who are the high priests of the Thai goddess Gaya who want to limit us in our freedom and observation. Our “carbon cost”.

A perfect tool for rationing and range is born right before your eyes.

For now it is “experimental” and voluntary. This is “sensitivity”.

If we are not careful, you will be cut off from accessing your money in the name of the good and sacred religion of Mother Earth.

“Carbon Credit Exhausted”. You are “disabled”.

From the vaccine pass to the carbon pass, the logic of anti-democratic surveillance seems perfect. Accurately predictable slides.

Charles Sunnat

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