June 21, 2024

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Edmund Shahbazian says 'no bad faith' towards Ronda Rousey or Edmund Tarverdian but 'change was needed'

Edmund Shahbazian says ‘no bad faith’ towards Ronda Rousey or Edmund Tarverdian but ‘change was needed’

when Adam Shahbazian He first sat down with his new manager, hearing something for the first time in his career.

Rather than convincing him of the specific biggest opponents he could face or the prospect of endorsement deals on the table if he fell, the 24-year-old middleweight was told he actually needed to stop worrying about fighting for now and just focus on getting better.

When I first went to meet Ali [Abdelaziz]Speaking to MMA Fighting, Shahbazian said one of the main things if he signed me was that he doesn’t give me a fight for seven or eight months. “He just wants me to get a job and get better and get better.

“I love that he said that to me. It just shows that he cares about you to know that you are going to train right, right before you go into the next fight. I respect that a lot from Ali.”

Signing with Abdul Aziz who manages fighters like the Welterweight Champion in the Ultimate Fighting Championship Camaro UsmanAnd Islam fearsAnd Beniel Driouch And Henry Segudowas the first step that Shahbazian took in a complete remake about his fighting career.

Given that he was billed as one of the sport’s best prospects after just four matches in the UFC, Shahbazian subsequently suffered three consecutive losses including a pair of knockouts for Derek Bronson And Nassruddin Emamov.

He went from being a future title contender to a huge bust that didn’t work out, and as much as Shahbazian tried to ignore the noise, it was impossible not to think of the rollercoaster ride he’s been on for the past few years.

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“I was signed by The Contender [Series] When I was 20 and my UFC debut was 10 days after turning 21,” Shahbazian said. “I have a lot of time. Mixed martial arts community, you know how they are. You don’t do a good thing once or so many times, they’ll have sex with you, that’s what it is. This is what makes MMA fans so cool and unique too. I’m young, I’ll get better.”

In addition to his new manager, Shahbazian has also decided to relocate to Las Vegas where he started from the UFC Performance Institute with plans to now call Xtreme Couture his home gym.

While fighters change gyms on a regular basis in MMA, Shahbazian has known only one coach and one team throughout his life after growing up at the Glendale Fighting Club under the watchful eye of Edmund Tarverdian, better known as Ronda RossiLongtime head coach. In fact, Tarverdyan and Rousey teamed up to guide Shahbazian’s career while working with them as a coach and manager.

Looking back now, Shahbazian clearly appreciates everything Rousey and Tarverdian have done for him, but he also knows he has to change course if he is to tap into his full potential as an athlete and begin to find success again in the UFC.

“In going through my previous fight, I feel that change was definitely needed and it was long overdue,” Shahbazian said. “I looked at my options to see where I could be. I feel like I can unleash my full potential and I think Vegas has the best thing. I’m far from distractions. I can focus on training. Of course, you have the bar here if you’re going to get wild but if you stay out of the strip you can train. Here for the fighter, come home and rest, back to train, come home, rest.It’s the life of a fighter here.

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“Of course the gyms, high-level partners to work with. There are a lot of good guys here and they keep coming in because of fights. It’s great. I look at my last few fights and a change was needed so this was the best option.”

In the end, Shahbazian admits that a change of managers and leaving for Las Vegas was just the best option for his career, although he only respects the people who helped him raise him in the sport.

“I needed a change,” Shahbazian said. “It was time. It was definitely time for me. It could have been sooner but now I’m happy to be here and get the new job. I haven’t spoken [to them] since you left. From my end I have a good relationship [with them]. I have no problem. All due respect because I respect what they did for me but for my part, I’m fine.”

“I haven’t spoken to [Ronda] In say a few months. I have nothing against it, respect from my end. As for my end, I have no ill will.”

With a fresh start in Las Vegas, Shahbazian is already feeling better than ever, but he’s still far from where he wants to be in the long run.

He has just spent the last month getting his body back to start running once he reaches Xtreme Couture where he will be working with coaches like Eric Nicksick and Dewey Cooper, Jake Shields And Jason Manley.

Shahbazian doesn’t plan to compete again until the end of 2022 because he’s following his manager’s decree that he just needs to focus on improving now rather than grabbing an opponent and a date to return to the UFC.

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It was all done with a purpose as he plans to come back better than ever with a renewed vigor that Shahbazian expects to lead to a lot of great victories.

“I really feel good,” Shahbazian said. “I’m in better shape. I’m constantly working out and getting better, and as soon as I start going to Xtreme [Couture] Well, I’ll bring all the good sparring there. You’ll see Edmen 2.0, no doubt about it.”