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Electricity operator announces that power has been “restored” at the Zaporijjia power station


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4:37 p.m : EU considers Russia committed “A Serious Violation” Nuclear Security. Today’s massive Russian strikes led to another outage at the Zaporizhia power plant in southern Ukraine.

3:05 p.m : According to the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), strikes near the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant are dangerous. “Every time, we are playing with fire and if we allow this situation to continue, one day our fortunes will change”Rafael Croce warned before the UN Board of Governors in Vienna.

2:58 p.m : Ukrainian electricity operator announces that electricity has been supplied “restored” At the Ukrainian nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia. This one Russian, occupied by troops from Moscow, was disconnected from the network today.

2:08 p.m : With a little delay, here are the not-to-be-missed contents on today:

• Our report turned out to be a sign of an all-out war when a group of Ukrainian artillerymen sank in the town of Pakmud in the east of Ukraine.

• This article describes how the investigation was organized, from the suspicions of kidnapping to the discovery of the bodies.

• How to explain the resurgence of violence in the occupied West Bank? Here are the answers.

1:45 p.m : “The enemy has radar that detects the appearance of the sights. Then they target us. It happens quickly.”, explains the leader of this unit. He leads 74 men in six stages south of Bagmouth.

(Thibault Lefebvre / Radio France)

1:45 p.m : “The Russians have a lot of ammunition, so we shoot less, but more accurately.” Find our report on the drowning of a group of Ukrainian artillerymen from Bagmouth, a town in eastern Ukraine that has become a symbol of total war.

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(Thibault Lefebvre / Radio France)

12:33 p.m : “In response to terrorist acts by the kyiv regime in the region [russe] On March 2, Bryansk, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation launched a massive counterattack., the Russian Ministry of Defense writes in a press release. The latter claims that hypersonic missiles “Kinzhal” (“stab”, in Russian) were specifically used.

12:31 p.m : Russia claims to have carried out the attack “big” In Ukraine “in revenge” It is responsible for recent intrusions into its territory “Saboteurs” From Kiev.

11:39 : Zaporizhia power station was disconnected from the Ukrainian electricity network this morning after this strike. Operator Energoatom notes that 18 emergency diesel generators have been activated to ensure a minimum supply of electricity to the plant. They have enough fuel for ten days.

11:35 am : “We are playing with fire and if we allow this situation to continue, one day our fortunes will change.”

The Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is alarmed after Russia’s attack on the Ukrainian nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia.

10:54 : Russia launched a massive missile and drone attack on Ukraine overnight, killing people and damaging civilian infrastructure., reacts on Twitter Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. The day will come when Putin and his allies will be held accountable by a special court.”Dmytro Kuleba writes.

10:50 am : Here are some photos taken in Kyiv after the bombings in the capital.

(Zenia Savilov/AFP)

(Sergei Chubinsky/AFP)

10:46 a.m : On Telegram, Andriï Yermak, head of the Ukrainian presidential administration, posts photos of damage caused by Russian strikes in Kherson.

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(Andrey Irmak/Telegram)

10:03 : A new report now suggests that five people have died in the western region of Lviv after strikes on the country. The governor of Dnipro region in the east announced that a 34-year-old man had been killed. Finally, three people died in Kherson in the south of the country. So the provisional death toll from these blasts is nine.

09:07 : Condemnation of Volodymyr Zelensky “Bad Tricks” Russians after strikes on the country. According to the President of Ukraine, ten regions are affected.

09:01 : In eastern Ukraine, Kharkiv is without electricity, water or heating after an explosion this morning, the city’s mayor announced. Electric transport will not operate. No heat and water supply due to lack of voltage in the power grid”, Ihor Terekhov told Ukrainian TV.

08:21 Ukraine’s military says it has shot down 34 missiles out of a total of 81 so far.

08:20 : “The attack was huge given the number of cities affected”Our correspondent in Ukraine, Agnes Vahramyan, in Kramatorsk explains. “It’s a targeted energy infrastructure.”


08:14 : Mayor Vitaly Klitschko announced that at least 40% of residents in Kew had lost power after the strike on the capital.

07:56 : A Russian strike on a residential area in the Zolochiv district of the Lviv region killed two men and two women, the local governor says. “Garbage is removed, others may be below” he added.

07:56 : At least four people died in the strikes in the Lviv region in the west of the country, the governor said.

07:25 : “Last link between occupied Zaporizhia nuclear power plant and Ukrainian power grid severed by rocket attacks” The Russians announce Energoatom. Standby diesel generators have been installed to ensure minimum power to the plant.

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07:01 : He is the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant “Without Electricity” After the Russian strike, the Ukrainian operator declares.

06:54 : At least two people were injured and hospitalized in an explosion in Kyiv’s Svyatoshyn district, the capital’s mayor said in a telegram.

06:26 : In a telegram, the mayor of Kew, Svyatoshin, mentioned a new outbreak in the district. A wind warning continues. Stay in the shelters!”He warns.

06:21 : In Q, there were explosions “Holosivsky district”, Capital City Mayor said In social networks. About 15% of the population is without electricity, Vitali Klitschko says.

06:13 : In the Odesa region, Governor Maxim Marchneko reported it “Missiles hit regional energy infrastructure and damaged residential buildings”.

06:13 : Bombings specifically targeted the Kharkiv region at dawn “The enemy made about fifteen attacks”Regional Governor Oleg Synegubov said on social networks.

(Vadim Belikov/Associated Press)

06:06 : Ukraine has been targeted by a series of mass strikes across the country. The mayor of the capital reports that explosions were also heard in Q.

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