June 26, 2024

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Elon Musk told Dave Portnoy that he has a plan to deal with a number of Twitter bots

Elon Musk told Dave Portnoy that he has a plan to deal with a number of Twitter bots

Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk On Monday, he said he has a plan to tackle the large number of annoying bots or “bots” on Twitter, as he intends to buy the social media company.

Dave Portnoy, The Barstool Sports founder complained in a tweet to Musk Monday night that he was seeing too many bots on the platform.

Portnoy wrote: “Hi @elonmusk, could you please fix these bots on this piece of sh platform that you were tricked into buying.

“I have a plan,” Musk responded to Portnoy’s post.

ELON MUSK sets Twitter purchase condition going forward

Elon Musk confirmed to Dave Portnoy that he has a plan to fight bots on Twitter. (Getty Images/Reuters/Twitter)

Bots are automated accounts that help increase Twitter traffic. They look like real accounts controlled by a person. They retweet posts, like posts and follow other accounts. Advertisers, marketing agencies, and other companies are looking to gain access to real human accounts, not bots.

In May, Musk threatened to back off his bid to buy Twitter for $44 billion, citing concern about the number of bot and spam accounts on the platform. Musk said he believes bots make up over 20% of accounts on Twitter.

Twitter said the number of spam or bot accounts is less than 5%.

Twitter sued Musk in July to force him to proceed with the purchase.

Earlier this month, amid a Twitter lawsuit against Musk for trying to back out of the deal, he revealed his intentions Follow through on the agreement.

Twitter says Elon Musk is the target of the FBI investigation: the deposit

Tesla CEO Elon Musk

The billionaire initially offered to buy Twitter in April for $44 billion, but months later wanted to cancel the deal due to the platform’s lack of transparency over its bot numbers. (Reuters Photo)

A Delaware judge gave Musk until October 28 to close Twitter Acquisition After he revealed his plans to pursue the purchase. The trial was tentatively scheduled for October 17.


Twitter also said in a court filing on October 6 that Musk is under a federal investigation into the acquisition of the platform, although the reason for the investigation is not clear. Nor is it clear which federal authorities are conducting the investigations.