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Emmanuel Macron condemned “controversies that have no reason to exist” in bilateral relations between France and Morocco.


In a video broadcast Twitter Addressing the Moroccan people, Emmanuel Macron condemned the attack on Tuesday, September 12. “Controversies that have no reason to exist” In bilateral relations between France and Morocco, Rabat has yet to accept the aid offered by Paris after the devastating earthquake in the Marrakesh region. “The organization of international assistance is fully sovereignly the responsibility of His Majesty the King and the Government of Morocco, so we are at the disposal of their sovereign will.”, announced the French president. Follow our live stream.

• King Mohammed VI made his first public appearance. Almost four days after the earthquake, Morocco’s king appeared before a crowd in Marrakech for the first time. His procession was followed by thousands of residents who gathered on the roadside to cheer the sovereign. He then visited the injured before donating blood. According to the official MAP agency.

More than 100 million euros in donations are needed. Federation of International Societies Red Cross And the Red Crescent (IFRC) has launched an appeal to raise around €100 million to support relief efforts in Morocco. “We need 100 million Swiss francs (105 million euros) able to respond to the most urgent needs”For Health, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, IFRC’s Operations Director Caroline Holt announced during a press conference in Geneva.

Nearly 2,900 people died. Provisional assessment Another 2,862 deaths have been reported, according to the latest press release from the Moroccan Ministry of Interior published on Monday evening. The earthquake measured 6.8 on the Richter scale on Friday evening 2,562 people were injured, while searches for survivors continue.

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