May 30, 2024

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Emmanuel Macron defends “strategic ambiguity” against Russia that “knows no limits”

Emmanuel Macron defends “strategic ambiguity” against Russia that “knows no limits”

The French president reiterated this desire in a British weekly this week Economist.
Benoit Tessier / REUTERS

In an interview Provence And Tribune Sunday,The President appealed to Russia to remove all “visibility” regarding French intentions to strengthen France’s deterrent capability.

“Russia, as a strategic power, no longer gives us any impression”The President confirmed in an interview to Provence And La Tribune Sunday . “In the beginning, it had a specific strategic objective: it claimed to save the Ukrainian provinces (oblasts), which declared their autonomy.”Emmanuel Macron also explains.

But today, “It has determinedly decided to become a destabilizing force, which has no strategic limits to its action.”. Faced with this observation, faced with such an enemy, “What weakness, what weakness to draw the main limits!”The head of state said in response to his critics for mentioning the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine. “We cannot set our limits in the face of an enemy who does not set his own limits” He already defended in early March. “Rather, we must remove all visibility from it, because that is what creates deterrence”He added this time to the weekly magazine.

“Strategic ambiguity is not giving too much detail”

Emmanuel Macron was questioned about the position of German President Olaf Scholz, who said he was firmly opposed to sending Western troops to Ukraine, while the French president again hinted at the option in a British weekly. Economist .

“Strategic ambiguity is not giving too much detail”Emmanuel decried Macron before justifying his position: “Russian enthusiasm shows that we are right not to close any doors. Otherwise, it means agreeing to abandon an international order based on law and peace and security..