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Emmanuel Macron wants to stop Beijing from making “disastrous decision” to back Russia militarily


Russian Nuclear Weapons in Belarus: Concerns at the UN Security Council

UN A majority of Security Council members expressed concern on Friday about the risk of nuclear proliferation during a meeting on the deployment of Moscow’s nuclear arsenal. “tricks” In Belarus. The meeting was held at the request of Ukraine.

“This is another blow to the arms control framework (…) and international security”.French Ambassador Nicolas de Riviere was reprimanded during this meeting.

No country threatens Russian sovereigntyDeputy British Ambassador, James Kariuki, for whom the Russian notice was added “A new attempt at intimidation”. “It hasn’t worked so far and it won’t work. We will continue to support Ukraine’s efforts to defend itself.he added.

While France, the United Kingdom, the United States and other members of the council clearly condemned Moscow’s announcement, some pushed back against the Russians and Westerners. “Evil cannot be cured by evil”Brazilian ambassador Ronaldo Costa introduced Bilho.

Russia stated that policy “Nuclear Power Sharing” NATO, and in particular, the deployment of US nuclear weapons in Europe, justifying its agreement with Belarus. Moscow repeated this argument before the Security Council on Friday.

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