June 19, 2024

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Erfstadt-Fleische Municipality was devastated by a landslide



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P. Moggar, L. Desponets, P. Poussoure, M. Skini, S. Corwin. – France3

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It was one of the worst natural disasters in Germany: the latest floods killed at least 103 people on Friday, July 16. The downpour caused the soil to crack. Near Cologne, a landslide took everything in its path.

Like the earth being cut. Previously, the Erbstadt-Plasmont disaster area was a farmland or equestrian center. Now, in the mud-soaked abyss, there are cars and houses, an entire neighborhood being swept away by a magnificent landslide. On Friday evening, July 16, the whole land continues to fall.

Questionably, on Thursday, July 15, in the commune near Cologne, after the Erf River overflowed, a powerful stream of water and mud poured down. Fortunately, when the water started to rise, many residents had the instinct to leave their homes. “When we saw the flood above our cellar and the water reaching our yard, we decided to leave, but we had no instructions.“One woman says. Residents are coming back and starting to detect the extent of the disaster.”May be dead, there are those who have lived among us“, One man commented. So far no human number has been reported, but many are missing.