April 21, 2024

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Evacuation continues in flooded areas of Kherson region

Evacuation continues in flooded areas of Kherson region

“I’m completely exhausted,” says Serhiy, a 55-year-old Ukrainian businessman battling floods in Kherson.

Serhiy, a 55-year-old Ukrainian businessman, lives in Kherson. After surviving the occupation, today it faces flooding due to the destruction of the Kagovka Dam. “I’m completely exhausted”He testifies the world. Fortunately, the water stopped a few meters from his house and slowly started flowing again. But her business is underwater. “It’s a disaster. Eight years of effort has been ruined in one day. »

His son – whose father’s identity has not been revealed for security reasons – lives on the left bank, opposite the Dnieper. His residence also escaped the rising waters. He took refuge with his friends and was sleeping at home last night. But his occupied city, three-quarters flooded, remains occupied. “There, the Russians are forcing residents to destroy photos of the flood, Serhi explains via video. It’s the Soviet way: they destroy everything to pretend nothing happened! » As a precaution, before going out into the street, his son deletes all photos and conversations with his father. As his town is occupied, the young man feeds the neighborhood dogs and cats that people left behind after they fled. Serhi can still contact his son, but he knows the hours are ticking. “His town already has no electricity or gas. Her phone won’t work soon.He worries.

In Kherson, after the attack on the Khakovka Dam, this occurred from the night of Monday, June 5 to Tuesday, June 6, 2023.

He stops abruptly. “Gerson Bombarded”He informs his wife, who can be seen on the screen at the other end of the room. “Zelensky is here, so the Russians are bombing”, Serhi relaxed quietly. During the occupation, one of his friends was killed helping the people outside the town. “They shot at his car. » Ten days earlier, his neighbor had lost an arm in the bombing of the city.

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This Ukrainian from Kherson doesn’t plan to leave for all that. He is gearing up to rebuild his business and is optimistic for the future. “It’s hard to start over at 55, but I have a family and I want to live. »

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