March 24, 2023

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Excluded – Ask Pierre Chasray from 40 million motorists to explain how black boxes are fitted to our cars to spy on us from May – Video

This morning, Pierre Chasray, general representative of the 40 Million Motorists Association, attended Jean-Marc Morandini’s guest appearance on “Morandini Live” on CNews. From May 1, all new cars in circulation in Europe must be equipped with a black box to record multiple parameters.

“Recorded data explain the accident rate and, above all, reduce road deaths by 20% in Europe. How does it work? We wait for a catastrophic accident and then we take the data out of the black box. Unfortunately I understand how you can save the life of someone who is already dead. It was tough, “said Pierre Chasrey. Add more: “In this black box, there will be data about speed: acceleration, braking, speed …”

Asked if he could get information from the black box during the roadside test, Pierre Chasrey replied: “For now, we have been told that this will be part of an investigation into obtaining statistics. It is not true. First, it will be generalized to all second-hand vehicles, and motorists will have to pay hundreds of euros to buy a used car. “

The general representative of the 40 Million Motorists’ Association says the black box will be “installed out of the reach of motorists.” Invites you to find Pierre Chasray’s explanations (see video above).

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