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Extract 2: Netflix users expressed their frustration after watching the new Chris Hemsworth movie


Netflix users have expressed their frustration after the release of a new movie extraction 2.

The thriller is a 2020 sequel extractionto the streaming service on Friday (June 16).

It follows mercenary Tyler Rakes, played by Chris Hemsworth, who embarks on a mission to rescue a woman and two children being held in a state-of-the-art prison.

The film, which garnered better reviews than the first, shot to the top of the global Netflix charts after just two days of release – however, there is a frustrating aspect of the film that viewers have been complaining about.

After watching the film, many called the character of Sandro (Andrew Jabaridze), the captive teenage son, one of the most annoying characters in the history of cinema. It was also confirmed that he somehow avoided getting hurt in any way despite everyone around him getting hurt.

The only annoying part extraction 2 One viewer wrote, and another added: “Did it just end extraction 2 And Sandro is such an annoying character.”

I hate stupid kids in movies especially dangerous scenes, like this guy Sandro extract 2,An additional fan pissed off at wnother saying, “I still wonder why it was the idiot Sandro who didn’t get hurt at all.” extraction 2. “

One of the seven viewers said they screamed at the screen because they were so frustrated with the character: “Sandro V extraction 2 It made me scream at a movie character for the first time in a while.”

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Viewers of “Extraction 2” complain about Sandro’s character


You can find more reactions to Sandro’s character below.

extraction And extraction 2 Available to stream on Netflix.