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Falling pregnant after a “one-night stand,” she searches for the father of her child: young woman gives birth, parents still missing


The 30-year-old announced that she is expecting a baby in April 2023.

In early April, The Independent He told the wonderful story of a Scottish woman who appealed Find the guy who says she got pregnant During a night in Tenerife. In a video posted on his TikTok account, Sarah Jane Snow When they met last August while on holiday on the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands A 19-year-old boy. Britton explains that she had consensual sex with the boy and found out later A few months after this one night stand she became pregnant.

The baby is named Forrest Grayson Thomas Snow, whose father is still nowhere to be found

The problem is a 30-year-old woman, I don’t even know the young man’s name, nor his phone number. However, Sarah-Jane Snow will remember that her baby’s father worked at Braehead Shopping Center in Glasgow. Although she says she is ready to raise her child alone, the woman wants to let the boy know that he is the father.

In her video, Sarah-Jane Snow announced it The baby was due in April 2023. And as expected, Her son was born on April 26 at precisely 2:34 pm.

Scott decided to name the baby Forrest Grayson Thomas SnowHe reveals in a post shared on his Instagram account. As for the child’s father, he is yet to come forward.

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