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Fierce fighting in Sudan despite ceasefire, humanitarian situation at “catastrophic level”


Clashes erupted in Sudan on Tuesday, May 2, between the army and paramilitary forces in a power struggle, as they ignored a cease-fire. The international community is alarmed by the changing humanitarian situation “catastrophe”.

“We hear gunfire, fighter jets and anti-aircraft fire”Reports to Agence France-Presse (AFP) based in the chaotic capital of Khartoum have told Agence France-Presse (AFP) since April 15, the day fighting began between the country’s leader, Abdulrahman al-Borhane, the head of state and the army and its No. 2. , Mohamed Hamdan Taglo, known as “Hemeti”, is the head of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) paramilitary force.

Violent clashes in Khartoum and other regions, particularly Darfur, left more than five hundred dead and ten times as many injured, according to largely underestimated reports. On Sunday, a new ceasefire was renewed for seventy-two hours; It was rarely noticed. Foreigners continue to leave the country, and Sudanese leave by the tens of thousands. The United Nations (UN) expects “More than 800,000 people” They sought refuge in neighboring countries such as Egypt, Chad, Ethiopia and the Central African Republic. As temperatures in Khartoum exceed 40 degrees Celsius, they face shortages of water, electricity and food.

Violence and robbery

The conflict transforms the already existing humanitarian drama “True Disaster”, warned Abdou Dieng, humanitarian aid coordinator in Sudan, on Monday at the UN. The Kenyan president is also under pressure “catastrophe”. And the two fighting men refuse “Hear Calls” The international community has expressed grief over William Ruto calling for humanitarian aid “With or without Armistice”.

Generals Al-Bourhane and Daghlo joined forces to oust the power-sharing citizens after the fall of dictator Omar al-Bashir (in 2019) during the 2021 regime. Later differences of opinion arose and later conflict between the two escalated. They disagreed on the integration of the RSF with the regular army and eventually turned into an armed struggle. The US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has appealed to the Kenyan President “Reaffirmed US Support” Diplomatic efforts “End to Conflict” And sure “Unfettered Humanitarian Access”.

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Martin Griffiths, the UN chief for humanitarian affairs, traveled to Nairobi on Monday for an urgent mission. the situation “Because April 15 was a disaster”, he tweeted. This year’s aid package is currently only 14% funded, and the government says aid agencies are $1.5 billion short of the humanitarian crisis.

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Violence and looting did not spare hospitals or humanitarian organizations, many of which had to suspend much of their operations. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) fears “catastrophe” As for the health system, it is extremely weak even before the war in Sudan, one of the poorest countries in the world and under an international embargo for two decades. Only 16% of health facilities are operational in Khartoum, but even there, equipment is scarce and staff are exhausted.

“Emergency evacuations” of humanitarian groups in Darfur

However, help is coming in spades: six containers of WHO medical supplies have arrived, primarily to treat seriously injured and severely malnourished patients. Increasingly scarce fuel has been distributed to some hospitals that rely on generators.

The World Food Program has also resumed operations after a temporary suspension justified by the deaths of three staff members.

Beyond Khartoum, chaos has gripped West Darfur, where even civilians are now involved in violence, according to the UN, sparking over a hundred deaths since last week, the start of fighting already marked by a bloody civil war in the region. 2000s. “The health system has completely collapsed in al-Jeneena”In West Darfur’s capital, the doctors’ association is concerned, saying pharmacies and camps for displaced people have been looted. “Emergency evacuations” Humanitarian teams.

In total, more than 330,000 people have fled the country since mid-April, more than 70% of them to West Darfur and South Darfur, according to the International Organization for Migration.

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