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Finland asks to join NATO as proof of “no aggression”, according to the coalition secretary general


Turkey considers Sweden “provocative”, but is very sympathetic to Finland

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavusoglu compromised with Finland on Sunday, but criticized Sweden for the statements “Provocative”During the talks in Berlin on the merger of the two countries into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Turkey on Friday threatened to block the NATO expansion process for the two Nordic countries, which requires the consensus of coalition members.

“Sweden’s foreign minister’s statements are unfortunately not constructive. He continues to make provocative remarks. “Mr. Çavusoglu told Turkish reporters in Berlin, on the sidelines of an informal meeting of Atlantic foreign ministers.

On the other hand, the Minister adopted a very congenial tone towards Finland, which he described “Very respectable” In front of it “Concerns” From Ankara. “But we do not see it in Sweden.”He insisted.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday expressed his hostility to the two countries’ membership, accusing them of serving.“PKK Terrorist Hostel”The Kurdistan Workers’ Party is considered a terrorist organization by Turkey, but also by the European Union and the United States.

“We have always supported NATO’s open door policy. (…) But the two countries’ contact with members of the terrorist organization, Sweden sending them arms and imposing restrictions on the export of defense equipment to Turkey goes’ against the spirit of the agreement ‘.Mr. Avusoglu said.

During his meeting with the two ministers, the latter recommended that it be carried out “A job” For “Respond to Turkey’s Concerns”, He added. Mr. Çavusoglu said he was waiting to see “Guarantee” Will be proposed by both countries.

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“It is absolutely necessary to stop supporting terrorist organizations and deregulate exports to Turkey. I’m not saying this is a bargain, but it’s about being partners. “He insisted.

However, several NATO member states ruled on Sunday “On the right track” To find a consensus on the integration of Finland and Sweden, Berlin confirms their merger taking place. ” soon “.

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