May 23, 2024

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First Swedish investigations “reinforce suspicions of sabotage”

First Swedish investigations “reinforce suspicions of sabotage”

The sabotage hypothesis has been confirmed in relation to a series of explosions affecting gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea.

The first inspections were carried out this week by Swedish authorities at the site of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipeline leaks in the Baltic Sea. “Reinforce Suspicions of Sabotage”with some “Explosions“caused by”significant damage“, filed the suit on Thursday.

Explosions have occurred near Nord Stream 1 and 2 in the Swedish exclusive economic zone, causing extensive damage to gas pipelines.“The special prosecutor in charge of the investigation on the Swedish side said in a press release.”Crime scene investigations reinforced suspicions of foul play. It will be seized and examined on the spotAdded Mats Ljungqvist.

Sweden, which on Monday established a several-kilometer perimeter for the purposes of the investigation, banned access to the site and announced the lifting of restrictions. No details were provided on how the underwater studies were conducted. On the Swedish side, the Investigative Service led the investigation together with the Special Prosecutor and various authorities.

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Large methane leaks were stopped at Nord Stream 1 on Monday, caused by two unknown explosions on September 26. A small leak continued on Nord Stream 2 on Thursday morning, the Swedish Coast Guard said. Many countries saw this as sabotage.

Russia, which is suspected of being responsible for the bombings, launched a counterattack last week by pointing the finger at the United States.

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