Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Five migrants were killed and 76 wounded as they tried to enter Spain’s Melilla region


About 2,000 immigrants tried to enter the area Meaning of ongoing efforts to enter Europe.

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Nearly 2,000 immigrants attempted to enter Melilla from Morocco on Friday, June 24 and 130 were successful, according to the Spanish Enclave province, which established a new estimate of this massive entry. She had previously announced that more than 400 people had tried to enter Melilla.

However, five immigrants of African descent were killed during the attempt. A further 76 people were injured, 13 of them in critical condition, according to Moroccan local authorities. In addition, 140 police officers, including 5, were injured when they intervened to prevent immigrants from entering Spanish territory, according to local officials.

More than 100 people enter

At 6:40 a.m., Spanish law enforcement officers spotted a group approaching the border. “A large group of 500 people from countries in Sahara Africa” Mandatory entry from border control and “At least 130 people” Melila was able to enter, Added Provincial Spokesman.

Located on the northern coast of Morocco, Melilla and the other Spanish enclave of Chyota are the only EU land borders on the African continent. They are constantly subject to the entry efforts of immigrants seeking to reach Europe. This is the first attempt at a massive entry into one of the two enclaves since relations between Madrid and Rabat normalized in mid-March, after nearly a year of diplomatic fighting.



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