June 13, 2024

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Floyd Mayweather vs. Digi: Comprehensive Live Updates

Floyd Mayweather vs. Digi: Comprehensive Live Updates

MMA Fighting has Floyd Mayweather vs. Floyd Mayweather updates.

The main event is expected to begin around 4 PM ET on FITE TV pay-per-view. Verify Mayweather vs Digi Results page to see what happened on the bottom card.

Floyd Mayweather has been competing in his fifth boxing show since amassing a 50-0 career record as a professional. It marks the third exhibition competition of the year. Defeated Mikuru Asakura He crossed TKO from the second round on his last trip on September 25.

Deeji (1-0) pulls off his first win in his brief boxing career. He defeated Fosey via TKO of the third round last August.

Mayweather’s fight against Deji will be an exhibition fight.

Check out Floyd Mayweather vs.Deji’s main live blog for the event below.

The bottom card is rolled and Mayweather and Diggy walk to the next ring.

The Mayweather vs. Deji coming soon according to the broadcast.

Deji has come out first and has been declared the “YouTube Boxing Goat”.

Mayweather is out now. It rolls with a deep entour, including a live rap entrance.

Eight two-minute rounds for this fight.

first round: Mayweather starts with his hand below his waist. He throws punches half in earnest, then begins to pretend with his arms outstretched. Not showing much respect for the YouTube star. Deji taps lightly with punches. Mayweather fully relaxed as he chased after his opponent. His hands are down and he only dares Deji to try to throw. Floyd skips forward and marks Deji with his right hand. Mayweather claps these gloves to the bell.

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MMA Fighting Score Round 10-9, Mayweather.

second round: Mayweather was handling ring card duties and dancing between rounds. The chant begins and Mayweather starts spurring them on, barely acknowledging Deji. He’s got a quick formula to remind Deji of what’s going on. Lightweight body compression by Mayweather. Deejay beats Mayweather with a right-hand bullet. This got a nice reaction from the crowd. Mayweather starts talking to Digi’s coaches. Mayweather scores a few body shots. Mayweather walks down Deji and starts throwing straight punches while the Turtles sneak up on Deji. Mayweather duck and dipping.

MMA Fighting Score Round 10-9, Mayweather. In general, 20-18 Mayweather.

Third round: Mayweather actually patted Deji’s head. Deji sneaks in his body shot, which gets a smile from Mayweather. Mayweather lands with three straight rights in the body. He makes Deji swing a punch and then hits him with his loose right hand. Deji is now ahead, but Mayweather’s defense is on point as usual. Straight right for Mayweather. It connects with the left counter. Mayweather hits a left hook peeking and Diggy’s eye seems to bother him. Deji is in defensive mode. Mayweather spins.

MMA Fighting Score Round 10-9, Mayweather. In general, 30-27 Mayweather.

Fourth round: Deji is a good left hand. This actually brings some insult to Mayweather and he’s now supporting Deji. The left hand goes down for Mayweather. Throwing in some flashy hooks, he’s not really looking to land with any force. Deji eats a few body shots. Mayweather’s serpent swings through Digi’s defense. Mayweather warned of low shots and only sent the referee off. He presses forward, but the referee gives him another warning for a low shot. Mayweather Jaws for everyone.

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MMA Fighting Score Round 10-9, Mayweather. Generally, 40-36 Mayweather.

Fifth round: Deji at least managed to hit Mayweather since the former boxing champ’s corner had cold pressure between rounds. Mayweather comes up with a more traditional boxing stance. Deji has a hard time not being closed off. Mayweather marks it right and sets and ends with a hook that scores points. His arms are down again as he dares to throw Deejay. Right hand on the body by Mayweather. Mayweather talks about trash as he walks away from Diggy. Get the right results for Mayweather.

MMA Fighting Score Round 10-9, Mayweather. Generally, 50-45 Mayweather.

Round 6: Mayweather is immediately on the offensive to start the round. A different feel for this round for sure and Deji has to snatch to slow the Mayweather. He’s back and down already, but Mayweather is going with him with confidence. There is a syringe for Deji. Mayweather scores a straight right. Mayweather on the body, right hook, then upper left and Deji gets injured. The referee saw enough and stepped in to protect Deji. Definitely a quick stop there, but that’s a fair one, so it’s possible the judge erred on the side of caution.

Official result: Floyd Mayweather defeated. Deji via TKO in Round 6

After the fight, Mayweather thanks Deejay for getting into the fight. He tells Deji to continue fulfilling his boxing dream and smiles when asked about Deji getting a good shot at him during the fight.

“You’re a hell of a fighter, a hell of a competitor and keep up the great work,” Mayweather said. “Keep building.”

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Deji says the suspension was early and he would have liked to continue. He mentions Justin Bieber as the next potential competitor.