June 16, 2024

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Follow the candidates’ campaigns and ask your questions

Follow the candidates’ campaigns and ask your questions

Labor, which is leading the polls for the UK general elections, wants to shake off “post-Brexit resentment” and strengthen ties with the European Union.

Britain’s Labor Party, which is expected to come to power in the United Kingdom during the next general elections, confirmed on Friday that it will scrap closer ties with the European Union (EU). “anger” Brexit during a visit to Downing Street.

“The next elections are an opportunity to reverse past post-Brexit resentments”, David Lammy has said he will become Foreign Secretary in a future Labor government. If successful, “I want to re-establish a structured dialogue with the EU on key issues”Mr Lammy, 51, outlined Labour’s foreign policy priorities to journalists.

British general elections are expected in the second half of this year, but the date has not yet been set. Labor has been leading the polls for months, with a 20-point lead over the ruling Conservatives. Labor has been out of power for fourteen years and aims to establish a new one “Security Treaty” With twenty-seven members of the European Union.

This makes it possible Strengthening coordination on various issues such as military, economic, climate, health, cyber security and energy securityMr. Lammy recently wrote in the magazine Foreign Affairs. This will enable the agreement to be fulfilled “Unwavering Commitment” The European Union and the United Kingdom in NATO, while a Labor government “Redoubles efforts to maintain close ties with France, Germany, Ireland and Poland”.

Labor is also considering concluding an Anglo-German defense pact similar to the London Treaty signed with France in 2010. However, the centre-left party has ruled out a return to the European single market customs union or free movement of people if it comes to power in the United Kingdom, where debate over the effects of a re-authorisation Brexit rages.

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In mid-April, London dampened Brussels’ hopes by refusing to open negotiations to revive youth mobility between the EU and the United Kingdom, which paid the price for leaving the EU. With Brexit, the United Kingdom has significantly withdrawn from the Erasmus international exchange program for students. He proposed his own device, which he called the “Turing program”. David Lammy has not ruled out the European Commission’s proposal to increase youth mobility and said it will happen “Part of the Discussions” Labor will be with the European administration.