June 24, 2024

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For France, the Russian strikes violate the “law of war”.

For France, the Russian strikes violate the “law of war”.


🔴 Catherine Colonna’s intervention in Ukraine is now over


🔴 Catherine Colonna’s interview that day France Inter the beginning


New strikes on Zaporizhia

According to Independence of Kyiv, Russia launched overnight attacks on the city of Zaporizhia. The extent of the damage was not specified.


Washington reaffirms its support for Ukraine

US President Joe Biden yesterday promised Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky “advanced systems” for air defense.


Russian attacks: Emmanuel Macron’s reaction

French President Emmanuel Macron held an emergency meeting on Ukraine last night after the Russian attacks, which he said represented a “profound change in the nature” of the war.


Russians and Ukrainians accuse each other of “terrorism”.

Ukrainian Ambassador to the United Nations Serhii Kislitsia said before the UN General Assembly that “Russia has once again proven that it is a terrorist state that must be stopped in a strong way. ;

Two days after an explosion (an “act of sabotage” according to Moscow) that severely damaged a Russian bridge in Crimea, Kiev responded by comparing the regime to “the most scandalous of terrorist organizations.”


Yesterday the United Nations had an emergency meeting

UN member states met yesterday afternoon in the historic General Assembly in New York to urgently discuss a resolution condemning Moscow’s annexation of Ukrainian territories.

With the speech, co-authored by the European Union and delivered by Ukraine, Westerners hope to demonstrate that President Vladimir Putin’s Russia is isolated on the international stage. The text says that you can vote tomorrow.

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