May 21, 2024

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Former President Silvio Berlusconi was briefly admitted to hospital for tests

“It is necessary to be admitted to the hospital to carry out a complete medical assessment,” a spokesman explained.

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Silvio Berlusconi, 84, the former head of the Italian government, who has been in hospital since the beginning of the year, was briefly admitted to hospital on Friday, August 27, a police spokesman said. He went out in the afternoon and gave the same evidence in addition.

“It is necessary to be admitted to the hospital for a complete medical evaluation”He confirmed the information provided by several Italian media including Republic* And this Roy*, Accordingly he has been in the prestigious San Rafael Hospital in Milan since Thursday.

This is the fourth hospital stay for the current MEP within a year. He was treated in May for a corona infection last year. In January, he was hospitalized for several days at the Monaco Cardiothoracic Center for problems with cardiac arrhythmia, and in September 2020, he was hospitalized with a lung infection due to Govit-19.

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