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Former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, architect of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, has died.


Donald Rumsfeld, a former U.S. defense and Iraq war architect, died June 29 at his farm in Davos, New Mexico, at the age of 88. Among the “hawks” was the “Balkan”, who, at age 43, was the youngest known Secretary of Defense under Gerald Ford between 1975 and 1977; George W. Bush was 74 years old when he was invited to the Pentagon in 2001. From Guantanamo Bay (Cuba) prison to Abu Ghraib (Iraq) his name is linked to some of the darker sides “Global War on Terror”, His remarks after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

University wrestling champion Donald Rumsfeld never deviated from a fighting style in the ongoing conflict with members of Congress or military tradition. A close friend of Dick Cheney, vice president of George W. Bush, who was his bodyguard in the Ford administration, was one of the most powerful defense secretaries of the post-Vietnam War. During his second stay at the Pentagon, he imposed the summons According to the “Rumsfeld Doctrine”, or new threats, the war was fought with a minimal number of troops. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan show that old land conflicts are setting new precedents. War on Terror .

Donald Henry Rumsfeld was born on July 9, 1932, in Evanston, a suburb of Chicago, to a family of Illinois real estate companies. An outstanding student, he studied at Princeton, with a military scholarship, before joining as a naval pilot. Returning to civilian life, he entered politics and was elected in 1962 to represent a wealthy constituency in the state. He is 30 years old. Thin, determined by himself, he is comparable to one “Republican JFK”. His life went from strength to strength: he was re-elected to Congress three times, was appointed to the Richard Nixon Office of Economic Opportunity, an agency for the fight against poverty – in which he laid off staff – and then NATO’s ambassador (1972-1974), which allows him to escape purity according to the Watergate in Washington. Gerald Ford made him his chief of staff (his deputy was then Dick Cheney, eight years his junior).

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A Messianic struggle against “Islamic fascism.”

Between his positions in management, Rumsfeld earned his fortune in the private sector, head of the pharmaceutical board Searle (now Pfizer), telecommunications company General Instrument, and then the 1997 biotechnology laboratory Gilead. In 2001, George W. Bush brought him out of his political retirement and handed him over to the Pentagon. An opposite choice. Rumsfeld was always 41 when his father, George H., died. Was Bush’s political rivale President. He ran against him in the 1988 Republican primaries for the White House. But Dick Cheney imposed his old friend on Neophyte, then the former governor of Texas.

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