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Forty people, including six soldiers, were killed in the attack by suspected jihadists


Burkina Faso is again plunged into tragedy. A total of six soldiers and thirty-four civilian military aid workers were killed in an attack by suspected jihadists in the north of the country on Saturday (April 15), a statement from Owahikoya governorate said on Sunday.

A “Army Division and Volunteers for Fatherhood Protection [VDP, supplétifs civils de l’armée] Unidentified gunmen attacked on Saturday”The governorate press release issued on Sunday said not far from Arema, about fifteen kilometers from Owahikoya, around 4 p.m.

“Provisional assessment of this attack” is “forty” dead, “Including six veterans and thirty-four VDPs”are included in this “Thirty-three people were injured in a stable condition.”, “Currently maintained at Ouahigouya Regional University Hospital Center”, the capital of the Northern Region, the statement said. This assessment was confirmed by a security source.

This security source says, a “opposite”Launched after this attack, “Neutralized dozens of terrorists”. Another security source confirmed “Aggressors” want “Almost everything is neutral”. According to a third security source, the units targeted by the attack were confirmed “Ouahigouya Aerodrome Security”.

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“Right of Appeal” to Defense

On Thursday, transitional authorities in Burkina Faso ordered a crackdown on jihadist attacks targeting the country. “General Mobilization” And this “Warning”It gives them “The right to demand, control and supply of people, goods and services subject to the resources to provide” And “Right to call for defense works individually or collectively”.

Burkina Faso, the scene of two military coups in 2022, has been caught since 2015 in a spiral of jihadist violence that emerged in Mali and Niger a few years earlier and has spread beyond their borders.

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The violence killed more than 10,000 people — civilians and soldiers — and displaced about 2 million, according to NGOs.

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