June 14, 2024

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Four rising stars are in the theater to watch this spring

Four rising stars are in the theater to watch this spring

But her new play, “The Bees and the Honey,” set to begin performances May 4 at the MCC TheatreShe offers her mother a consolation prize. The film’s heroine, Johira, looks a lot like Del Carmen: a sharp, funny, driven Dominican-American living in Washington Heights, in upper Manhattan. However, Johaira is also a lawyer – passionate about her job and stressful about it.

The sitcom “Bees and Honey” focuses on the relationship between Johira, a feminist suing a sexual assault case, and her husband Manuel, a good guy who is also, as del Carmen puts it, “a sweet misogynist.” Talk of sexism was in the air when I began writing the play in 2017, the year of the Women’s Marches and the rise of the #MeToo movement.

She said she’s from Louisville, Kentucky, where she’s been in actor status, rehearsing “La Egoista, Play by Erlena Ortiz. “And also, you know, I really wanted to see a romance between two people who look like me and who look like me.”

In 2012, seeing Dominican characters in In the Heights gave Del Carmen a life-altering shock. Still living in Chicago, and already an actress, she realized that playwriting was also a possible medium. Her first play ‘Blowout’ premiered in 2013.

As a black Hispanic woman, she said she never felt truly accepted in Chicago; People there would routinely ask why you spoke Spanish, the language you learned at home. To them, she didn’t look Latin.

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