Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Four years after a strange streak, a mysterious monolith appears near Las Vegas


A monolith covered in glass-like surfaces has been discovered on landmasses near Las Vegas. Four years ago, a similar object was discovered in a nearby desert, before sightings began to multiply in America and then around the world.

An oblong rectangle shimmers among the cobblestones of Nevada. The monolith appeared high above Las Vegas, a demonstration witnessed by local police, broadcast by the US media. ABC. It looks like the ones that started appearing and disappearing in 2020, but much more recently.

“Over the weekend, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police found this mysterious monolith near Glass Peak, north of the canyon,” captioned a photo courtesy of X (formerly Twitter) for police at a nature reserve.

A sequel in 2020 and a new look in March

“We’re letting the internet work on this mystery,” police say, referring to the excitement on social media when a similar monolith appeared in the middle of the desert in neighboring Utah in 2020. Straight to the ground, it disappears after a few days.

This was only the beginning of a series: similar appearances followed in New Mexico, California, and Europe, such as the Netherlands and Romania. While the series appears to have ended in November 2020 with an appearance on the English Isle of Wight (local artist, Tom Dunford, requested this reflection), a new manifestation was recorded in 2021, also in Canada again in March. Mountain in Wales.

The origin of the first monoliths and this new American origin remains a mystery to the general public to this day, but is still a subject of fascination on the Internet.

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