April 16, 2024

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France 24 “ends all cooperation” with Arabic-speaking journalist accused of anti-Semitism

Joëlle Maroun, who worked for the channel in Lebanon, has been accused of posting anti-Semitic messages on social networks in the past.

Via Le Figaro with AFP

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France 24 news channelIt put an end to all cooperationHe works for him with an Arabic-speaking journalist Lebanon and accused of publishing in the past Anti-Semitic messages on social networks, according to an internal press release with knowledge of AFP.

The channel intends to file a complaint against this reporter, Joëlle Maroun, who is not one of its employees, but works for an external production company. Three more Arabic-speaking journalists linked to anti-Israel coverage “Remember the order“.

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Anti-Semitic and anti-Israel messages

These measures are objectiveTo protect the integrity of the work of all Arabic-speaking editorial staff of France 24, its editorial content, on air and digital environments, making it a balanced, impartial channel.“, referring to the latter on its website.

The four journalists were interviewed by CAMERA, an American NGO acquired by the Simon Wiesenthal Center. In support of the screenshots, CAMERA accused them of posting anti-Semitic or violent anti-Israel messages on their social networks in the past. They include a correspondent in Lebanon, a correspondent in Jerusalem and a correspondent in Geneva.

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“Wake up, Mr. Hitler”

According to CAMERA, a correspondent in Lebanon reported in old news:Killing a Jew is up to every Palestinian, and the case is closed” or “Stand up, Mr. Hitler, stand up, there are people to be burned“. Other news found by the NGO against Israel in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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France Medias Monde’s Code of Ethics (…) requires journalists of the group to “ensure respect for professional and ethical rules (…) when publishing on blogs, forums, social networks and any other space dedicated to the exchange of public information. ..) and The company’s values ​​of ethics, independence and impartiality should not be violated.“, underlined France 24 in its press release.