May 23, 2024

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Genesis Market, a cybercrime marketplace, has been taken over by the FBI

US law enforcement agencies, in cooperation with many other countries, have shut down one of the world’s most widely used online marketplaces for stolen data, along with the private information of hundreds of thousands of people.

Genesis Market, which experts say amounts to a compromised data subscription service, was shut down on Tuesday by the FBI — its website was plastered with a notice stating that the forfeiture was ordered by a federal court in the Eastern District of Wisconsin. He provides The link for consumers to select Whether their data has been trafficked on the site.

“Our seizure of the Genesis Marketplace should serve as a warning to cybercriminals who operate or use these criminal marketplaces: The Department of Justice and our international partners will shut down your illegal activities, find you, and bring you to justice,” said Attorney General Merrick Garland. In a press release Wednesday.

The Treasury Department said in its own statement that officials suspect Genesis of operating outside of Russia, noting that it has a presence on the dark web, a corner of the internet where users can operate anonymously. As of February, Genesis had listed about 460,000 packages of stolen information, including passwords for email accounts, streaming video and social media accounts, according to the agency.

The marketplace provided not only passwords, but software that kept updating users’ personal information as it changed on their devices, which amounts to “an actual subscription to the victim’s information,” according to cybersecurity firm Sophos. Written in Analysis in Aug.

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Since its inception in March 2018, Genesis Market has offered access to stolen data from more than 1.5 million computers worldwide, containing more than 80 million account access credentials, according to the US Department of Justice.