May 21, 2024

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German spokesman says Taliban agrees to leave Afghanistan after August 31

According to the deputy head of the Taliban’s political bureau in Qatar, Afghans with proper documentation will be able to continue flying on commercial flights after August 31.

The Taliban agreed that the Afghans could leave their country after the withdrawal of US troops on August 31, a German ambassador to the Taliban said on Wednesday, August 25, after talks in Qatar.

Sher Abbas Stanexai, Vice President of the Taliban Political Bureau of Qatar “He assured me that Afghans with proper documents could continue to travel on commercial flights after August 31st“After a meeting in Qatar, German diplomat Marcus Potchel, who is in talks with the Taliban, tweeted.

The diplomat, Germany’s special envoy to Afghanistan, said he discussed.emergency“With”Working Kabul AirportAs a prerequisite for the work of NGOs and diplomats in Afghanistan. Since the Taliban captured Kabul on August 15, commercial flights have been disrupted.

Unauthorized decision from the United States

Faced with a final warning from the Taliban, US President Joe Biden confirmed that the evacuation would end next week as thousands of Afghans rallied after the Taliban seized control of the airport in Kabul on Tuesday.

He stressed that the decision of Washington’s allies, who consider the Afghans to be in danger, should be extended in the presence of the US military. Their own country since the Taliban seized power.

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Earlier today, Angela Merkel ruled that the international community should continue.To talk to the Taliban“NATO has returned to power to protect the gains it has made in Afghanistan since the deployment of troops in 2001.”The international community must also talk to the Taliban about this“, The Chancellor added, while the withdrawal of U.S. troops is due to be completed by August 31.”The Taliban in Afghanistan is a realityShe continued. “This new truth is bitter but we have to face it.