Monday, July 22, 2024

God of War Ragnarok’s Huge New Game Plus update is out now on PS5 and PS4


God of War Ragnarok has just received a major update on PS5 and PS4, introducing the long-awaited New Game Plus mode. The update is now available for download and installation.

New Game Plus is a mode that allows you to transfer progress and certain elements from completed gameplay to a new one. To compensate for your higher-level character, armor, and weapons, New Game Plus usually increases the difficulty, or introduces new challenges not found in the regular game.

After completing the Ragnarok story at least once, NG+ mode will be available. It introduces new equipment, enchantments, and an increased level cap, allowing you to power up Kratos more than ever before. Carrying all your skills, weapons, and gear, you’ll be able to blast through New Game Plus – though areas that require Sonic and Hex or Draupnir Spear won’t be available until after their usual introductions into the story.

The update adds some cool new equipment for Kratos as well; The Black Bear armor lets you outfit the Ghost of Sparta last in his furry cloak, while the Spartan armor is the back outfit that has been intentionally stripped down to make the game more challenging. The Ares and Zeus armor sets from the previous game also return, and a brand new shield is introduced – this one with a tighter parry window (and a bigger reward for pulling it off).

On top of that, some of the boss fights have been tweaked to give you a new experience in New Game Plus, and the developer has even thrown in a Black & White filter so you can play the entire game in monochrome, if you wish.

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So, to recap, this update adds:

  • New Game Plus Mode – Bring all your gear and skills to a new gameplay stage
  • Brand new armor sets
  • New color schemes for existing armor sets
  • New shield
  • New ways to customize mods, enchantments, and stats
  • Modified endgame boss encounters
  • Expanding the battlefield in Niflheim
  • Black and white filter

It’s a pretty solid update, then. There is more information about PS blogand the Full patch notes here If you are interested. Will you take God of War Ragnarok for another spin in New Game Plus? Go again in the comments section below.