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Google Pixel sees huge growth in sales, and owns 2% of the North American market


Zoom / The green Pixel 6 phone.

North American smartphone from Canalys Market share numbers We’re out, and the big driver for Q2 2022 is again Google, which is seeing massive growth numbers thanks to the Pixel 6. The last quarterCanalys posted a 380 percent year-over-year increase, and this quarter, the company is up 230 percent!

This sounds incredibly successful, but this is the little hardware division of Google we’re talking about, so it’s entirely a relative success. The company now has a 2 percent market share in North America, having shipped 800,000 devices for the second quarter of 2022. Along with the last quarter, Google is now regularly working to reach its market share numbers from the full digits. That’s good enough for fifth place, behind Apple (52%), Samsung (26%), Lenovo / Motorola (9%), TCL (5%).

Canalys also has a list of best-selling models. The top five are all iPhones, of course, with the base model iPhone 13 taking the top spot, followed by the very cheap iPhone SE. iPhone 13 Mini, which rumor To be sold so bad that there will be no iPhone 14 Mini, took ninth place. The first Android phone on the list, the flagship Galaxy S22 Ultra, ranks sixth.

Google managed to make its way out of

Google has managed to make its way out of the “other” category.


Spots 7 and 8 are the $200 Moto G Power and the $250 Galaxy A13, which are two price points with very little competition compared to more expensive devices. We’d love to see more phone manufacturers (Google) take on this price range. Canalys was on the same wavelength, with research analyst Brian Lynch saying:iPhone SE performance (3research and development Gen), Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A33 are poorer than initially expected. Diminishing purchasing power is messyBuyers who typically consider appliances costing between $250 and $600 USD look for cheaper options as consumers continue to feel the financial pressure of inflation on daily expenses. percent.

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Next for Google is Pixel 6a phone, which is too new to apply to any of these schemes. At $449, it’s more accessible than $900 and $600 from Google, but also in the “poorer than initially expected” price range than the iPhone SE and Galaxy A53. We’ll have to wait for the third quarter to end to see how this phone performs.

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