May 25, 2024

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Gosier mayor wanted in embezzlement case

Gosier mayor wanted in embezzlement case

But what about Mayor du Gosier, Cedric Cornet? A search warrant has been issued against the selectmen Guadalupian A person who does not appear on summons in a case Expropriation assumed.

Cedric Garnet, the president of CARL (Integrated Community of the Levant Riviera) was summoned on Tuesday to be questioned, specifically “as part of the preliminary investigation opened for misuse of corporate assets, embezzlement of public funds and active and passive corruption” , ”says the prosecutor.

“Mr. Cedric Garnett’s unwillingness to honor lengthy judicial subpoenas warrants the issuance of a search warrant against him,” Point-a-Willie’s state attorney announced in a press release Wednesday. -Pitre, Patrick Desjardins .

Will France take off?

According to local media Radio Carabis International, Cedric Garnett would have taken a plane to France “last weekend.” The mayor told local media Wednesday evening that he was on a personal trip “outside of Guadeloupe,” without specifying where he was.

“I have never run away in my life, I have never received a summons either by registered post or in person in my mailbox,” he assured RCI Radio, adding, “I am on a very important journey. [sa] Life “. “condemns a discontinuity [sa] Person”, he asked “in” to present himself “at a date and time”. [son] Back to the investigators.

Karl spoke out in a press release on Tuesday, noting the visit of police officers to its premises on Monday and denouncing “a certain police brutality” or “pure and simple theft” after “capturing an empty safe”. […] Without any record”.

Words against words

In its report, the Pointe-à-Pitre prosecutor’s office condemned “a grossly erroneous version of the situation” and “certain regulations”. […] Capable of constituting a criminal offence.” “None of the incidents were brought to the attention of the prosecutor” which “authorized the police officers to go to the scene”, noted Patrick Desjardins.

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Cedric Garnett has been on the sex offenders register since his appeal in 2019, when he was given a two-year suspended prison sentence, five years of community-justice supervision and a €16,000 fine. Sexual assault on a minor below 15 years of age. He was elected mayor of Kosier the following year.