May 29, 2024

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Govt-19: Why is Israel, one of the first countries to vaccinate its population, breaking the record for daily deaths?

In Israel, 60 patients die of gout every day. The country has launched a vaccine reminder campaign against Govt-19.

“Country of 4 countriese DOS (…) Its daily record in the number of Govt deaths yesterday: 80! “France is equal to 600,” former Florian Philip Philip, a former national rally number 2, shouted on Twitter on Tuesday evening. Our world in data.

Israel, the country that invented the 4th dose and invented the health pass, yesterday set its daily record for the number of coward deaths: 80! Equivalent to 600 for France.
u27a1 ufe0f So what’s going on? Who would dare to say it clearly ?!

– Florian Philippot (@f_philippot) February 1, 2022

Statistics that question when Israel was presented as a world pioneer in the vaccine against Govt-19. Most adults received three doses and The fourth injection campaign for people over 60 began in early January.

That is why, in January, the Israeli government decided to relax restrictions. However, the proportion of patients suffering from Govt disease but hospitalized for another reason has increased in Israel in recent weeks.

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“The vast majority of people admitted to the hospital will be infected with Omicron, and some of them will die. But distinguishing between deaths caused by covit and those with covid disease as a bad factor (or not) will take time,” he told our colleagues. Of Parisian Michaël Edelstein is an epidemiologist at Bar-Ilan University in Tel Aviv.

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Does the effectiveness of the third dose decrease?

Studies show that after two injections, the effectiveness of vaccines against acute forms decreases in months. Performance is declining due to variations including Omicron. Pfizer has also begun clinical trials for a vaccine against the omigran variant of Govit-19.

As for the fourth dose, they have already been given to more than 600,000 elderly or frail residents in Israel. But success is not there. “It’s not a huge success, because the extra performance is not overwhelming, Michael Edelstein acknowledges. Has not changed, which may explain the increase in daily deaths.