March 1, 2024

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Greece, Turkey build wall to prevent refugees from arriving in Afghanistan

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Greece and Turkey are building a wall to prevent the arrival of refugees from Afghanistan

Afghanistan – Spain took four days to build Welcome Camp for Refugees in AfghanistanOn Saturday, August 21, Greece announced that it had completed the construction of a 40 km wall along its border with Turkey. Afghan asylum seekers Trying to reach Europe.

Then The Taliban’s enlightenment to power in Afghanistan, Many Afghans are trying to leave the country and the new regime, thus Europe fears a migration crisis. Greek Civil Defense Minister Michaelis Chrysocoidis said the country had taken steps to prevent a recurrence of the 2015 crisis. Six years ago, one million people in Africa escaped war and poverty. In the states.

“Our borders are secure and inviolable.”

And The country has already begun to fence, Greece’s last 12.5 km in recent days. All are equipped with a monitoring system. “We cannot passively wait for a potential impact. Our borders will be safe and inviolable,” Michaelis Chrysocoidis stressed.

According toDefender, The Greek government said it would not allow refugees into Europe and would push people back to the borders. “Our country will not be a gateway to Europe for illegal Afghan immigrants,” Immigration Minister Notice Mitarachi said in a statement.

Greece is not the only country that borders its 500-kilometer-long border with Iran. According to France24, The Turkish government has expedited the construction of a 243 km long wall. About 156 kilometers have already been set up and patrols have been increased, officials told AFP.

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Turkey calls on the EU to honor its promises

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on the EU on Friday to respect the EU Its obligations in terms of migration In the chaotic situation in Afghanistan, as Greece said on Wednesday, Afghan immigrants could be deported to Turkey.

“Declaring Turkey a safe third country does not exempt the EU from its international obligations,” the Turkish leader said in a telephone interview with Greek Prime Minister Grios Mitsodakis.

Greece said on Wednesday that it could return to Turkey, which has been described as a “safe country” for Afghanistan, which failed their asylum application in Greece. An agreement signed in 2016 between Ankara and the European Union provides for the return of “illegal immigrants” from the Greek islands to Turkey. But Ankara continues to criticize the EU for failing to meet its obligations under the agreement.

“We expect the EU to truly respect its obligations,” Erdogan said on Friday.

Migration crisis, “tough challenge for all”

The Turkish leader condemned the threat of a migration wave that would be a “serious challenge to all” and called on the EU to help neighboring Afghanistan, especially Iran, reduce it.

“A new relocation is inevitable unless the necessary steps are taken in Afghanistan and Iran,” he said. Erdogan added that his country was in contact with Tehran on the issue and had taken further steps to secure its border with Iran.

“The two leaders discussed the need to support immediate neighbors to keep Afghans as close to their home as possible,” Athens said in a statement.

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As the Taliban return to power in Kabul, the future of Afghanistan is in question and the exodus continues. In the capital, Kabul, on Saturday, August 21, thousands of people continue to flock to the airport as Western nations try to evacuate their countrymen and the most vulnerable Afghans by plane. The United States, which plans to deport more than 30,000 Americans and Afghan nationals through bases in Kuwait and Qatar, says it has already released more than 13,000 since August 14.

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