June 19, 2024

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Guadeloupe was rebuilt for a period of three weeks

While statistics on the Covit 19 epidemic appear to be continuing their insane race, Alexandre Rossatte and Valerie Denex spurred an exceptional press conference, almost 48 hours ahead, announcing the establishment of a new control for three weeks.

3,123 cases during the current week, I.e. twice the number of cases than the last epidemiological point Nearly 18,000 trials were conducted. Over the past three weeks, according to the ARS, pollution figures have increased tenfold. The positive ratio is 17.6%, the “R” is 2.34 and 4 new clusters have appeared, up to 26 which are being investigated by health officials. Hospital admissions are also on the rise. And none of the patients recently admitted by the emergency services have been vaccinated.

In the face of this unprecedented situation, in an effort to avert the collapse of the health system, ARS Director Valerie Denex called for the mobilization of all medical staff to make up for the lack of health balance.

Three weeks imprisonment

In an effort to curb the pollution chain, Alexandre Rochatte announced that he would significantly strengthen control measures, initially reducing the current curfew from 9pm to 8pm.

During the day, it is a prison on Wednesday nights at 8pm and applies for a period of three weeks. Its methods are similar to the second control placed to fight against the third wave.

  • Travel restrictions within a 10 km radius around the house. Beyond this distance, the trip is subject to certification justifying an additional reason (professional, care, essential purchase).
  • Indoor function and terrace bars closed.
  • Sports events behind closed doors
  • Shopping centers, supermarkets and shops will be open, but the measurement of 8m2 space per customer and this is from Wednesday.
  • Prohibition of tourism near seas and rivers.
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As for the health pass, especially if there was a tolerance on the scale of 50 people, it is now applicable from the 1st customer or participant, which is applicable from Monday 9th August 2021.

The second phase of possible imprisonment

However, these measures are only the first step in the fight against the virus. If the use of these measures is not sufficient to curb the pollution curve, the Constitution is already considering implementing a second phase of imprisonment by reducing the curfew order to 6 pm and closing non-commercial businesses. Essentials and Restaurants.

“We have the whole of August to fight the epidemic effectively before the start of the school year. Otherwise things will get very complicated.”

Alexandre Rochett

This is the third imprisonment the archipelago will experience as tensions rise between health officials and the public over managing the crisis.