June 25, 2024

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Hawaii: Attacked by a shark, fisherman in kayak captures terrifying scene

Hawaii: Attacked by a shark, fisherman in kayak captures terrifying scene

While fishing off the coast of Hawaii, Scott Haraguchi was attacked by a shark. A horrifying moment captured by his own camera. Fortunately, the fishermen were not injured.

The show runs until midday on Friday 12 May. That day, Scott Haraguchi was fishing 3 kilometers off the island of Oahu off the coast of Hawaii. During a fishing trip, filmed by his own GoPro, the man managed to catch a fish.

Suddenly, the man sees a “shadow” of sorts charging straight at his kayak before hitting him. Panicked, Scott Haraguchi thought it was a giant turtle and started screaming.

“I heard a whistling sound like a ‘boat’ without a motor heading towards me and I looked up and saw this big brown thing,” said Scott Haraguchi.

The fisherman soon realized that he had encountered a tiger shark. “My brain thought it was a turtle, but I got hit by the thing and realized it was a tiger shark,” he said.

After the attack, the man posted a video on YouTube captured by his own camera, saying the shark was looking for an injured seal he saw nearby during the attack.

“I think the shark actually disabled and injured the seal. […]He told the media KITV that he waited for him to die and then he came back and took me for the stamp and attacked me.

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