June 26, 2024

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Hawks Report: Collins trade 'more likely than ever', Atlanta 'cheated' in this Jeramy Grant trade

Hawks Report: Collins trade ‘more likely than ever’, Atlanta ‘cheated’ in this Jeramy Grant trade

We got some good info from Mark Stein about the Hawks leading up to the 2022 NBA Draft. I expect the Hawks to make a move, and John Collins is a prime candidate to be traded. It is said that there are two teams in Collins – You can read about it here. We also got some info about a rejected deal for the Pistons F Jerami Grant:

Stein previously reported that Hawks had been interested in Grant about two weeks ago, so he got into the situation.

16 and Bogdanović is a ridiculous asking price for Grant, but the Hawks could do more with the 16th pick. Grant is a solid goalscorer and multi-talented defender, but he’s also a free agent after this season and could be on his way to getting a raise after earning $20.955 million in 2022.

With the Falcons likely to get rid of their Bogdanovich and Collins contracts, they’ll have plenty of room to get a real star next to Trae Young if one becomes available. The grant can’t be more than a hire, and unless other moves are made, it doesn’t look like the Hawks will become contenders for the championship overnight. I trust Travis Schlink’s judgment, and I think the Hawks will make a big move ahead of Thursday’s draft.

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Photographer: Jevon Moore/ICON Sportswire