May 23, 2024

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Heads of Business Interests for New York Giants CB James Bradberry

Heads of Business Interests for New York Giants CB James Bradberry

The New York Giants were and still are Committed to trading James Bradbury’s corner trying to Clear salary space.

However, at least early on, the Bradbury market failed to develop. This threw a wrench into the plans of the giants, who decided on it Veteran will not be released If they can’t secure the trade. Later they also decided that they were ready for it eat some salary in any potential trade.

The latter likely provoked further discussion.

Nate Taylor and Dan Duggan of The Athletic report that Kansas City chiefs are focusing on Bradbury and are now interested in the business.

Bradbury to Chiefs has always seemed like a logical conclusion, but things have remained relatively muted so far. And while Kansas City is interested in the trade, how much salary they’re willing to make and what they’re willing to send back will determine the outcome.

But the giants are desperate. They know that Bradberry must be transferred in order to sign a class in the 2022 NFL, so there aren’t many bargaining chips they can use. As long as the bosses are willing to take on a significant portion of Bradbury’s salary, general manager Joe Schoen will likely be suspended.

Bradbury is in the final year of a three-year contract and a base salary of $13.4 million. It is capped in 2022 at $21.864 million.

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