May 20, 2024

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Here's the exact moment Jennifer Garner found out about Ben Affleck and J. Law's wedding

Here’s the exact moment Jennifer Garner found out about Ben Affleck and J. Law’s wedding

Jennifer Garner spent the wedding day of ex-husband Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Beautiful trip to Lake Tahoe, California. but rest assured, Sixth page It explained in a new report last night that Garner knew Affleck and Lopez were getting married before the public got married — and before the couple did. They tied the knot in Las Vegas Saturday evening.

A source from “Hollywood in good standing” told the outlet that Garner received an alert that the event was happening a day before it happened. “Ben told Jane about the wedding, but I was told it was Friday at the earliest. It had been planned very little in advance and was largely a spur of the moment. [Affleck and Garner’s 16-year-old daughter] Violet stayed home because she is very loyal to her mother.”

That source added that Lopez was eager to marry Affleck:[Lopez] He had been ready to marry since the night Ben proposed. She wanted to lock this and remove any chance of cold feet ASAP! (Affleck and Lopez Postponing the original wedding They planned 20 years ago the day before the party and broke up shortly after until they reconciled last year.)

Despite being out of town, Garner is supportive of Affleck and Lopez’s relationship.

In April, source Detailed for E! How did Garner feel about Affleck and Lopez’s engagement? “Ben told Jane and the kids, so they know it,” said a source close to Garner. “Jane is happy with Ben and knows that JLo has been a positive influence in certain areas.”

source talk to Entertainment tonight In late March about Garner’s feeling about Affleck and Lopez’s relationship that she was about to get engaged. Jane Garner and Ben get on really well. The source said she understands and supports Jane and Ben’s relationship. “She knows Ben is doing well all around and at the end of the day, she just wants what’s best for the kids and for things to be smooth and hassle-free.” She wants everyone to be happy and healthy and for her children to always be the priority. Everyone is satisfied at this point and looking to the future.”

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