June 25, 2024

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Hit Aaron Wise in the head with a Cameron Smith shot, feels 'normal' after finishing second in the PGA Championship

Hit Aaron Wise in the head with a Cameron Smith shot, feels ‘normal’ after finishing second in the PGA Championship

Tulsa, Okla. – Aaron Wise hit in the head Cameron SmithFalse shot during the second round of the PGA Championship at Southern Hills Country Club on Friday.

Wise was leaning and identifying a ball in the seventh hole lane when Smith’s tee shot hit him in the head. Smith, who was cruising on the adjacent second hole, cut his shot far to the right.

“I was walking at seven, surprised my ball was in the driveway, and then next thing you know, I mean there’s a little bit of a buzz in my head,” Wise said. “I was on the right track. But you know, it happened for maybe 20 seconds, and I was pretty normal after that.”

Wise, who is 91st in the official world golf rankings, asked for water right away, according to his playing partner. Joel Dahmin. Wise was able to go up and down equally on No. 7, his 16th hole of the Tour, and again on par-3 eighth. He made a ghost at number 9.

“I had great ups and downs at seven and eight,” Wise said. “You know, there’s obviously a lot of adrenaline in the body after something like this happened. I was just trying to calm myself down and get back to normal somewhat with the last few holes.”

Wise finished 2-on 72 for the round. He passed 1 after 36 holes and was comfortable in front of the cut-off line.

Wise was carrying an ice pack over his head in the scoring tent after the tour. He was taken to player services, where he lay for about 20 minutes, had a red flag on his hat from a Smith’s ball.

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“Thank God, he’s fine,” Dahmin said. “It was a lightning strike, but the ball took off another 40 or 50 yards down the fairway. It ended up in a rough spot. You could hear it. All the spectators heard it. It was loud.”

“Four!” Smith, the world’s number 4 player, shouted. on the tee box.

“It was very far away, there are a lot of people and the wind is blowing,” Dahmin said. “You wouldn’t be able to hear it if anyone said, ‘Immediately.’ I don’t get Cam at all wrong. A hundred people could have shouted ‘immediately’ and you wouldn’t hear it.”